WB approves 100 million US dollars credit to Nepal

WB approves 100 million US dollars credit to Nepal

The World Bank has approved a 100 million US dollars credit to help Nepal accelerate its medium term reform programmes for the financial sector and to reduce the vulnerability of the banking sector and increase its transparency.
In its medium-term program for the financial sector Nepal has focused on reforms designed to place the financial sector on a sound foundation for the future.
Building on past gains, the third financial sector stability credit will support four main policy areas: enhancing financial sector development; restructuring and consolidating the financial system; strengthening the legal and regulatory framework for crisis management, banking and insurance supervision and payment systems; and enhancing the governance and transparency of the banking sector.
Despite the rapid growth of the banking sector, two in every three Nepalis still have little or no access to formal financial services.
“Ensuring the stability of the financial system is crucial to expanding financial inclusion,” said Takuya Kamata, World Bank Country Manager for Nepal in a press release issued by the WB on Friday.
“Participation in the financial system helps people start and expand businesses, manage risks and weather shocks. It also promotes social protection and women’s empowerment” he said.
The credit is to support a sustained focus on financial sector stability to endure broader economic recovery in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes and trade disruption. RSS

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